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Partners Academy

iStock_000006456892MediumPartners Academy is a premiere school in La Crosse, Wisconsin which offers comprehensive education for children with varying learning needs from pre-school through fifth grade. Our team of teachers, teaching assistants, and behavioral therapists recognize the individual learning styles of every student and is dedicated to helping each student be successful and build confidence in their skill set. We offer a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate, rich in content, and encourages high academic achievement while adapting to the diverse needs and learning styles of each student.

Partners Academy is unique because it focuses on:

  • Integrating academic, enrichment, and therapeutic services, allowing us to implement curriculum while providing an individualized skill building program, designed to enhance each student’s strengths.
  • Social-skills by providing classes and therapy services to expand students’ understanding of verbal and nonverbal behaviors necessary to develop self-regulation and decision making skills that will help them better navigate the dynamics of interpersonal relationships in various social situations.
  • Fostering a strong partnership between educators, therapists, and the student’s family. We emphasize communication between teachers and therapists and work closely with parents to share perspectives and information about the student’s growth.
  • Modeling, role-playing, and discussing core values to help students develop responsibility, empathy, and self-control. Our goal is to increase the students’ awareness of their own emotions as well as improve their ability to recognize the emotions, desires, and needs of others.

Partners Academy is a community of individuals who firmly believe that all children can succeed and are able to achieve excellence. We provide the opportunity for our students to reach their full potential by having a low student to teacher ratio, a structured environment, individualized instruction, and multi-sensory teaching. We offer a challenging yet nurturing atmosphere, a solid commitment to achievement, and a specialized educational approach that is founded in research based methodologies.

For more information on the enrollment process, please contact Jackie Vick at (608) 785-4111 or at