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Our Results

Progress by Enrollment Age

January 2006- December 2012


At Partners In Excellence we are continually collecting and analyzing data to measure the successes of individual clients as well as our program as a whole. The graph above shows the correlation between early enrollment and achieving best outcomes.  You can see that the earlier our clients are enrolled in our therapy program, the better the outcomes are.

Historically, over 52% of our former clients at Partners discharge with Best Outcomes.   Best Outcomes means that the client will be able to attend school, attend to the teacher, manage his/her behaviors with little or no support within the classroom.   

Almost 40% of our clients graduated with Clinical Progress, which means that the client made gains, acquired skills and/or learned how to manage behaviors.  These clients have completed their therapy program to their ability and the treatment team believes that the client is ready for their next step.  These clients will still need the supports in school. 

8% of our clients left us due to Lack of Progress, which means the client was not acquiring skill at a pace to justify intensive therapy and/or was not retaining those skills learned.   As you can see from the graph, typically these were the clients who begin therapy later in age (9+ years old).

Please note: each child is individual and unique.  We do not guarantee or imply success of any individual client.  These statistics are based on all of our 185 former discharged clients from January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2012