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Blog | Why Choose Us?

Choosing to enroll your child at Partners can have some great advantages over enrolling in an ordinary school. Choosing Partners In Excellence is the best decision that you can make for your child. We’ve taken some important questions that we typically get and included them here:

What if my child is school aged?

Partners works with schools to help children grow and generalize their daily living skills, in order to help each individual child have a successful transition into a full-time school setting. If your child is currently school aged or even if they’re not quite there yet, our partnership with schools ensures that your child receives the best services that are tailored specifically to their strengths and weaknesses.

While schools provide educational services to teach academic skills, Partners In Excellence provides the proper mental health therapy services to treat the specific characteristics of autism. These include our occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and ABA/AVB programs.

Our center-based approach focuses on life skills such as language, socialization and behaviors, and provides an emphasis on challenges that typical schools are often not able to provide. Helping your child develop these prerequisite skills for learning will increase their success in acquiring academic skills that are being taught in schools.

How do you support the needs of families?

Parental involvement is essential to each child’s success, which is why consistent communication, training and support are a vital component of our services. Here are some of the ways that we provide for parents:

  • Daily report sheets
  • Parent information board
  • Sibling trainings
  • Parent meetings
  • Group parents trainings
  • Personalized parent trainings

Partners In Excellence is always continuing to grow, and we are prepared to have your son or daughter join us. If this sounds like the right place for your child and your family, feel free to contact us for a free play-based assessment!

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