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Past Client Success!

This client had previously discharged from PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE.
I just wanted to quickly update you that I had Sarah’s school conference last week before Thanksgiving with her first grade teacher. She was doing well in so many areas and both the classroom teacher, para and special ed director at Calvin Christian School cannot say enough WONDERFUL things about how well Sarah was prepared for school! They are greatly impressed with Partners.
However, I thought you would get a laugh out of the fact that the ONLY problem they are having with Sarah at the current time is that she is being (drum roll!)………TOO SOCIAL! LOL! She is getting in TROUBLE for talking too much! Who would have ever thought years ago when we started Partners and thought she might never learn to speak that years later after your program she would have to be moved away from a friend for talking and be getting in trouble for being too talkative in class! What a miracle she is and I got such joy over that feedback from the teacher. The first grade teacher just couldn’t wait to tell me about how social and interactive she has been, how much eye contact she is making and how well she is socializing with the other students. It was the first time in her 30 year career as a first grade teacher she could tell a parent about a child being disruptive talking and say it with a smile, a tear in her eye and give me a victory HUG at the same time! The teacher is as excited about Sarah’s progress as I am!
Sarah is doing really well and of course she still has delays in areas, is getting speech for articulation through Edina public schools and is doing the social class there. Sarah told me they are starting Xebu and she is going to “be the teacher Sandy” and make the kids call her “Miss Sarah” because she already knows Xebu and Superflex! 🙂
She is actually reading now fairly well and is getting extra support for that and for math with the para Calvin has on site.
I just wanted to share that little bit of good news! Our road is going to continue to be uphill at times for her, but some things already are easier for her because of all she learned at Partners and I can’t thank you enough for getting her to this point. She would NEVER be in a mainstreamed classroom like this without it!
I hope to have more positive conferences to share with you in the future! Keep up the good work and we all MISS YOU so much!!

Our story and experience with Partners was so successful, I love to spread the word about how Partners has changed the lives of my kids and our whole family. It’s been really amazing to hear from some of Calvin’s most experienced teachers and from the Edina school district staff working with Sarah how impressed they are with how well prepared she has been for school with her academics and behavior because of the Partners and Bridges program. Really a hats off to you and your staff!

Best Wishes,
Melissa Sirek

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