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WI Proposed Revisions to Autism Waiver

Exciting news for our Wisconsin friends!!  

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has distributed the proposed revisions to the autism waiver and we are very happy to tell you that one of the proposals is that there is consideration of additional options to service location: including center-based services!!  

We have been advocating for this as it provides families with choice with regard to the best manner for their child to receive intensive early intervention.  

The Department of Health Services would like to solicit the input and support of families prior to making decisions on the proposed changes.  We highly encourage you to review the document highlighting these changes and provide them with your feedback.  The document can be viewed here:  

They need this feedback by August 26th, so don’t hesitate~ review the proposal now and give them your feedback!!

The feedback from Partners will include the following:
We like:
1) The increase of hours from 20-35 hours to now 30-40.  It allows more treatment to be available to the child and the families.  The state is taking out reimbursement for travel and staffing hours with this increase.  We would encourage the consideration of the continued inclusion of staffing to allow for coordination of services with everyone on the treatment team.  
2) The inclusion of center based and community options for service.
3) The family involvement as partners as treatment providers.  
4) The increased expectations that children are making progress as a consequence of their treatment.  

We would like the Department of Health to consider the following input:
1) In the proposed Tier 1 children would have to apply for Tier 1 services before age four.  Our concern is that unfortunately some children may not be diagnosed until age four or older.  Additionally, they have the potential to be on the waiting list for up to two years.  Children can still benefit from intensive early intervention after age four and we would not want some children to not be able to access the services because of this age restriction.  

Please give the Department of Health Services your feedback and thank them for their hard work in considering the proposed changes and always considering the needs of children with autism and their families!

Here is that link again!

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